Groundnut Cake

The fruit can be processed either without the hull (decorticated) or with the hull (undecorticated). The oilcake from undecorticated fruits is richer in fibre and lower in protein than the decorticated cake. It is also richer in residual oil as the hulls obstruct removal. To avoid this loss, the oil is often extracted by the solvent process.

chemical composition and nutritional value
*Groundnut meal
*Groundnut meal, solvent-extracted, decorticated
*Groundnut meal, solvent-extracted, undecorticated
*Groundnut meal, expeller extraction

The residual oil in groundnut cake may cause soft fat in bacon pigs; therefore, the extracted decorticated meal is preferable for pig feeding. To avoid soft body fat, the feeding of six parts milo chops or five parts maize meal for each part groundnut cake is recommended.