Castor Cake

Castor Cake is a natural nitrogen fertilizer (solid residue obtained from the treatment of seeds for castor oil), plant origin, rich in nitrogen, trace elements and organic matter. It is a simple manure, which acts progressively that encourages soil microbial activity. 100 kg of castor cake brings to the floor as much nitrogen (N) as 1 800 kg of cow dung. The castor cake has insecticidal properties and naturally pest repellent. It is can be used in organic farming.

Mode of use
Castor Cake fits for any type of soil, with its high content of organic matter. Guanomad recommends this manure for impassioned of gardens, growers of garden products. Castor Cake is also the fertilizer for turf and lawns. This fertilizer promotes root development and winter cold hardiness. When it is used as a basic manure, Castor Cake is taken by spreading on the soil or per hill 10 to 15 days before planting. When used as a fertilizer for maintenance, it is spread to the surface, slightly hidden if possible, and lightly watered if necessary.

Benefits of Castor Cake
*Organic Fertilizer, choice of fertilizer for organic farming
*Rich source of NPK and other micronutrients
*Increase fertility
*Increases humus
*Increase growth of earthworm
*Controls ph
*Increases residual effect
*Increase Nitrogen supply for Root
*Soil aeration for better root development
*Inhibit growth of termite & other pest.
*Increases shininess of fruit.